Lissajou-Figur, Tanaka Juuyoh, Gestaltung: bestbefore
Lissajou-Figur, Tanaka Juuyoh, Gestaltung: bestbefore

»Diversity of Knowledge« Programme for the Summer Semester 2017

Interfaces are the focus of the Summer Semester 2017 interdisciplinary programme »Diversity of Knowledge«. Guest professor Prof. Dr. Christian Stein will be holding a lecture, three seminars as well as a workshop on this subject area. In the lecture, he will be presenting a historical and interdisciplinary approach to the various characteristics of interfaces, on the basis of specific examples and their historical origins. The seminars will cover a range of topics, from questions on »Big Data«, digital identity, and privacy, to different perspectives on virtuality, the analysis of various language systems, and the creation of an artificial language. Finally, the workshop will focus on intersections of scientific research as well as the difficulties and necessities involved in interdisciplinarity.

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