Symposium »Wissenschaftskommunikation: Interdisziplinäres Publizieren in der Wissenschaft«
Event (completed)

The occasion for the Symposium »Science Communication: Interdisciplinary Publishing in Science« is the publication of the 200th edition of the CZ #, journal of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Image Knowledge Gestaltung on Monday 16 October 2017. The aim is to exchange on formats and new ways of interdisciplinary publishing in science with representatives of publishers, scientific research and communication.


3pm Sect reception on the occasion of the CZ # 200

4-6pm Interdisciplinary controversy on »openness in science«

from 6 pm
Networking & service market place for interdisciplinary publishing, release of the english catalogue and documentation of the exhibition + ultra, Get-together & Buffet

Participation in the symposium is free of charge, but only with registration due to limited space: bwg.publicrelations@hu-berlin

Contact person:
Claudia Lamas Cornejo
Chief editor of the Clusterzeitung CZ #
Head of Public Relations