Stefan Gradmann

Interdisciplinary Laboratory

Stefan Gradmann has been Professor of Knowledge Management at the Berlin School for Library and Information Science at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin since 2008. His research interests and teaching fields are, on the one hand, deconstructing the concept of the document in digitally networked conditions and, on the other, ›understanding‹ and ›interpretation‹ in the context of digital hermeneutic heuristics. All these areas have a firm practical foundation in his close involvement in diverse projects in the Cluster »Europeana«. He is also interested in the specific preconditions, techniques, and processes that working with ›knowledge‹ in the digital humanities entails.

Research fields

Knowledge management, semantic-based technologies, digital libraries, identity management, e-science and e-scholarship in the humanities and social sciences in particular, semiological and technical foundations for the concept of the document in digital networks.