Event (completed)
Musée Curie, Paris.

Whether through their architecture,their material and symbolic inscription in the urban fabric, and their evolution over time and across different geographical and cultural environments, they are revealing of the evolving relations between science, science policy and science popularization. Starting from this working hypothesis, this workshop brings together historians of science, of the museum, of art, urban historians as well as exhibition makers to discuss concrete embodiements of three types of spaces, each considered within the scientific, social and political context of their making: the university, the scientific and technical exhibition, and the dome. 

The workshop aims to contribute to recent historiographical developments in the history of science, the history of scientific museums and of science popularization that have emphasized spatial issues as well as the material and visual cultures involved in scientific work and communication. It also aims to foster a dialogue between historical investigations (19th and 20th centuries) and current reflections about the place of science in our societies today.

An International Workshop organised by Andrée Bergeron (Centre Alexandre-Koyré, Paris), Charlotte Bigg (Centre Alexandre-Koyré, Paris), Jochen Hennig (Humboldt Universität, Berlin) and Renaud Huynh (Musée Curie). 

Conference programme »The Spatial Inscriptions of Science: Exhibitions, Devices, Architectures«, Paris 2014