Sammelband »Natur der Wahrnehmung – Kunst der Täuschung«
Sammelband »Natur der Wahrnehmung – Kunst der Täuschung«
Anthology »Nature of Perception – Art of Deception«
Exzellenzcluster Matters of Activity
Stille Zone, 4. Stock

On April 9th, the Cluster's scholarship holders launch their publication Nature of Perception  Art of Deception. This year’s Deutschlandstipendium-Themenklasse combines in fifteen contributions the results of one year of interdisciplinary project work exploring the realms between perception and deception. The topics range from the examination of social paradigms of perception such as gender, sexuality and mental health to the exploration of artistic manipulation techniques and future possibilities in the use of metamaterials in physics.

The launch will followed by refreshments and the the opportunity for further conversation.