Promotion of Early-Career Researchers

Junior Professors

Upon the establishment of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory Image Knowledge Gestaltung, two junior professorships were created and advertised:

Morphology (Zoology) and History of Forms 

The Junior Professor of »Morphology (Zoology) and History of Forms« is embedded in the Excellence Cluster’s interdisciplinary network and its many working groups in the humanities and the natural sciences. The holder acts as a bridge professor between the Department of Biology and the Department of Art and Visual History. John Nyakatura has held the professorship since September 2014. His working group undertakes both biological basic research on form-function relationships and the evolution of vertebrates, and in parallel reflects upon this research process focusing on the images used in it. 

History and Theory of Gestaltung

Gestaltung, or design, can be seen as genuinely interdisciplinary as every design process has always involved all the currently available knowledge. Mediating between the humanities, the natural sciences and the engineering disciplines, the professor’s working group reflects upon the creative potential of scientific acts and makes it productive. Patricia Ribault has held the professorship in the Department of Cultural History and Theory since April 2015.