5 Jahre BWG
5 Jahre BWG

Jubilee of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory

Since 2012 the Interdisciplinary Laboratory Image Knowledge Gestaltung has been making it possible for researchers of diverse disciplines to develop ideas, compare methods, interconnect perspectives, break with boundaries, and bring knowledges together. Ideas became projects, discussions on methods became research instruments, perspectives became pathways, boundaries became starting points, and connections became collaborations.
Our endeavors thus far have shown that the true driving force behind any cooperation project is human connection, curiosity, and passion.
»It is always the connections to people that give life its true value.«  Wilhelm von Humboldt
It is this unique and excellent connection between people, disciplines, spaces, materials, and –let’s not forget – images that we would like to celebrate with you.
On 7 July, 2017 2pm
Tieranatomisches Theater (TA T, Veterinary Anatomy Theatre)
North Campus, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Welcoming remarks by the Directors 


Image Non-Guidance – Bild(nicht)wissen und Bildchirurgie

Rebekka Lauer & Anna Roethe (Image Guidance)

Modelling ›filter‹

Susanne Jany & Khashayar Razghandi (Self-moving Materials)

ArchExp. A studio for interdisciplinary space research and design

Séverine Marguin & Henrike Rabe (ArchitecturesExperiments)

BBQ buffet on the lawn of the TA T starting from 4:30pm