Lissajou Figur Original. Tanaka Juuyoh
Lissajou Figur Original. Tanaka Juuyoh
Promotion of Early-Career Researchers
University Students

Interdisciplinary programme »Diversity of Knowledge«

Applied interdisciplinarity and critical self-examination – this is how learning works in the »Diversity of Knowledge« seminars. The General Studies 2.0 programme bridges disciplinary cultures and unites science, social science and humanities students in a dialogue. The courses offer students of all disciplines the chance to cast a practical light on the history of knowledge and science by studying actual objects. Supposedly reliable knowledge appears in a new light; creative thinking and unusual approaches are encouraged.

The history of knowledge and science is taught in the programme seminars using selected objects of knowledge – Foucault’s pendulum, the radio or the ancestors of the dinosaur, for example. Actual objects such as these are particularly well suited to illustrating and exploring transitions and connections between the separate disciplinary cultures and to promoting dialogue between students of different disciplines.

»Diversity of Knowledge« sees great potential in students’ heterogeneity and specialisation. The interdisciplinary approach allows knowledge and experiences to be brought to bear from each individual discipline while allowing the student’s own disciplinary perspective to be questioned repeatedly in critical self-examination.

Through joint project work, in which students might develop radio features, exhibitions or apps, for example, their understanding of the mechanisms of interdisciplinary work is enhanced.

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