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Hallo! Nice to meet you! Network Event of the Master OPEN DESIGN

21.04.2016 - 18:30 h to
21.04.2016 - 22:00 h
Arenales 1371, Buenos Aires

Hallo! Nice to meet you! Network Event of the Master OPEN DESIGN

On April 21th, the international & interdisciplinary Master’s Program OPEN DESIGN (Diseño Abierto para la Innovación) will state its first achievements, co-operations and network building in Buenos Aires/Argentina.

Complex problems of today´s fast changing world cannot be solved within the boundaries of a single scientific discipline. They require the knowledge and expertise of researchers from various fields of science who are united. 

The Master´s Degree Program OPEN DESIGN provides students with such skills in demand and establishes an unique network of excellent institutions in the area of science, economies and society in Germany and Argentina.
We kindly invite you to join us on April 21st, 6.30 pm, at Arenales 1371 for a short presentation on OPEN DESIGN’s goals and achievements. The director of the program, Professor Wolfgang Schäffner, as well as associated professors and students will give a brief overview about the program´s projects and future plans and opportunities to join establishing the OPEN DESIGN Network.

6.30 Presentations with Q&A
7.30 Cocktails & Get-together

Location: Arenales 1371, Buenos Aires

About the Master´s Degree Program Open Design:
Open Design’s main focus is the interdisciplinary »design turn« in research. Students with different disciplinary background acquire interdisciplinary skills relating to a broad spectrum of empirical methodologies: From cultural studies and humanities through analysis and historicizing to scientific experimentation from the natural sciences, and creative synthesis from the design disciplines.

Open Design prepares students in intercultural and interdisciplinary communication and mediation, in problem-solving, development and innovative research, and in conceptual work and project development for the industrial, scientific and social sectors.

The program is organized in four semesters, the first two semesters taking place in Buenos Aires at the UBA and the third semester in Berlin at the HU. For the fourth semester, students may choose to work on their master’s thesis in either Buenos Aires or Berlin. Successful graduates will be awarded a Double Degree by the two partner universities.

Open Design/ Diseño Abierto para la Innovación is jointly organized by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) and the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA).

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