Günther Loose (ehemals Jirikowski)

Interdisciplinary Laboratory

Günther Loose (formerly Jirikowski) is a Research Associate in the project »Genesis and Genealogy«. His research area is the coaction of the design-shaping processes »development« und »evolution« in the animal kingdom. The main focus lies on the early embryonic development of the copepods crab group (»cyclops«). Further interests are the theoretical questions of evolutionary developmental biology and the application of biological concepts of form-generation and alteration in non-biological disciplines such as art and design history. 

Günther Loose (formerly Jirikowski) studied Biology in Jena. After receiving his university diploma in 2008, he worked as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Biology at the University of Rostock for one year. There he researched the mesoderm and muscular development of Malacostraca within the framework of a DFG (German Research Foundation) project. His PhD project deals with the evolution of the muscular development of this animal group in connection with the emergence and loss of specific larval stadia. In the following years, he was employed as a Research Associate in interdisciplinary research projects at the University of Rostock on the »Transformation of Scientific Knowledge in the Life Sciences«, funded by the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State Excellence Programme and the State Research Fund. His work on these projects involved researching the historical development of cell theory and theoretical questions concerning the approach to form and diversity of form in morphology.