Gernot Grube

Interdisciplinary Laboratory

Until 2007, Gernot Grube was a research associate in the research group »Bild Schrift Zahl« at the Hermann von Helmholtz Centre for the Study of Cultural Competencies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. His main interest was the influence of the computer on the phenomenon of writing and the associated emergence of the concept of auto-operative writing. He has been a freelance researcher in Berlin and São Paulo since 2008. Research interests: Social epistemology, the puzzle of the human use of symbols and a theory of gestures to interpret art works in the Upper Palaeolithic. Together with members of the research group »Picture Act and Embodiment« he edited the hitherto unpublished manuscript by Max Raphael, »Iconography in the art of the Quaternary Period« (published 2013).