Dynamische Form
Dynamische Form

Dynamic form

The project studies the transformation of dynamic forms in natural objects and artefacts. These transformation processes present a challenge to design, the natural sciences and the humanities in many respects. How can processes such as growth and evolution be creatively reproduced in charts, models or diagrams? To what extent can a transformation of form and its transitions provide a basis for classifications or question them? And in particular: dynamic changes of previously recognisable and existing forms call sight into question. 

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, this priority project aims to analyse the shared areas of interest in transformation processes in objects and in methods, and to consolidate this analysis comparatively. Our work considers the genesis of forms and their perception as well as evolutionary and cultural historical processes. We will relate interactions between design, classification and perception to comparable transformation processes that we will capture and study in the priority project from a transdisciplinary perspective.

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