Themenklasse BWG
Themenklasse BWG
Promotion of Early-Career Researchers
University Students

»Image Knowledge Gestaltung« theme class

In 2017/18, there will be an Image Knowledge Gestaltung theme class for Germany Scholarship holders again. Students in the theme class will undertake Cluster-relevant, interdisciplinary research projects.

Since 2014, the theme class has been formed each year of around 15 students from different disciplines who undertake their own research projects in the Interdisciplinary Laboratory, supervised by research associates specialising in their subject areas. Funding is provided in the form of Germany Scholarships from the Ernst Schering Foundation. In the aim of learning through research, the students conduct independent research, thereby contributing to the field of research investigated by Image Knowledge Gestaltung. Regular meetings and workshops provide a forum for them to exchange ideas and network with other members.

The 2016 theme class included students from art and visual history, biology, cultural studies, gender studies, psychology and philosophy. The scholarship holders were actively working in the four priority areas »Active Matter«, »Architectures of Knowledge«, »Form Processes & Modelling« and »Image & Action«.

 The theme class is coordinated by Franziska Wegener and Amelie Wittenberg.

Current projects by the 2016 theme class
Anthology »beobachten – entwerfen – verbinden« (observe – design – connect) by the 2015 theme class

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